uildings can be condos, homes, shopping centres or offices to those who use them. To businesses and investors, properly managed real estate is a source of income and profits; to homeowners, it is a way to preserve and enhance resale values.

Laurier Trinova Property Management oversees the performance of income-producing, commercial and/or residential properties and ensures that real estate investments achieve their expected revenues. We also managecondominium properties.

Generally, our company handles the financial operations of the property, ensuring that rent/condo fee is collected and that mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums, payroll, and maintenance bills are paid on time. We supervise the preparation of financial statements and report to the owners periodically on the status of the property, occupancy rates, expiration dates of leases, and other matters.

We offer consultancy services for all purposes in relation to buying, selling, renovation and interior redesigning, inspection, maintenance contracts such as janitorial, security, landscape design, elevator maintenance and other services. We solicit major repair contracts that are forwarded competitively, and advise the owners on which bid to accept. We also monitor the performance of contractors and investigate and resolve complaints from residents and tenants when services are not properly provided, purchase supplies and equipment for the property and make arrangements with specialists for repairs that cannot be handled by our regular property maintenance staff.

In addition to fulfilling these duties, we have professional and legal advisors specialized in real estate law. To ensure that the property practices the Provincial and Federal regulations and building codes.